Friday, September 20, 2013

A New Project? The Hue Shift Afghan

I was just browsing through the latest Knit Picks catalog and I spotted this beauty:

I'm seriously considering knitting it.  Knit Picks is selling the kit with the yarn and pattern for only $31.99, which is really a good price for an afghan project.  It is knit out of their Brava yarn, which I happen to love (even though it's acrylic).

I feel like all I knit lately are socks, but I don't really have a strong desire to knit a sweater because I refuse to accept what size I would have to knit it in.... so this might be a fun non-damaging-to-my-self-esteem change of pace.

The mitered squares in this blanket kind of remind me of the Modern Quilt Wrap that I used to be obsessed with back in '07, but I never knit it because the yarn was too expensive on my student budget (and, now, too expensive on my paying-back-student-loans budget).  Maybe this will finally fulfill my age-old dream to knit a colorful mitered square project?

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