Monday, January 14, 2013

Maybe Monday... a new feature!

So, I just happened upon a crochet blog called Designs by Hebrew Hands and she has the cutest idea for a weekly feature called Maybe Monday.  Every week on Monday she talks about a pattern that she is thinking about crocheting.  Now, as you all know, I am a total queue whore on Ravelry, so this is totally an awesome feature for me to steal!  I love dreaming about patterns that I will knit someday, and this is a fun way for me to get to share them with you!  So, here it is, our very first Maybe Monday feature....

It's the Purple People Eater!

I'm totally in love with this little guy designed by Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches.  (And you may have noticed a theme...  I am in love with amigurumi monsters designed by Stacey....)  I just want to crochet him and and cuddle him to death!

So...  will I actually make it??

  • (Pro) I may or may not have already purchased the pattern the moment I saw it.....  so that means I have to make it, right?
  • (Pro) It's not a large project and the yarn doesn't have to be anything special, so the materials will be cheap.
  • (Con) I kind of hate to crochet, but one of my 2013 goals is to get better at it, so I can't use that as an excuse anymore.
  • (Con) Perhaps a more compelling reason why I wouldn't actually go through with this project is that it requires changing colors in crochet, which intimidates me.
After weighing the pros and cons, I can say that I will PROBABLY go through with crocheting this pattern... eventually.

I hope that was a fun feature for you.  Tune in next Monday for another dream project....


  1. LOL... Que whore, I love it!
    And I like the Purple People Eater!
    Just one more thing I need to think about crocheting, but he is adorable!! And I do want to cuddle him & hug him toooo!!! Considering I've never crocheted an amigurumi he should be my first one! So, I'm going to head over to Fresh Stitches & see what's going on!

  2. Amigurumis are pretty much the only thing I crochet because they are so darn cute! Definitely check out Fresh Stitches!