Friday, April 8, 2011

Flashing the world in my flirty skirty!

We've got some beautiful spring weather in Boston today and I am celebrating by wearing my flirty skirty! Fun! Truth be told, I love all my knitted creations but I don't wear them out as often as I should. I love making them and sharing them with my knitting friends, but sometimes I guess I don't want to put them up for scrutiny to the non-knitting public. I suspect I'm not the only knitter with a closet full of sweaters we rarely wear. (Or, in this case, skirts). Anyway, not today! Whoo hoo!

The only thing is that I'm convinced the skirt is see-through and I'm flashing everyone who looks at me. People keep looking at my lower half more than usual. Maybe they are just admiring the awesome skirt? Or maybe they are thinking - "does she know I can see her underwear?" I was concerned with this when I first knitted the skirt and considered sewing a lining inside, but it turned out to be fine. Today I put it on and didn't worry about the see-through factor, but after I left the house it occurred to me that my hips are a lot wider than they were when I first made the skirt, and hence, the fabric is probably stretched out, pulling the stitches open more and letting light through. Oops!!

p.s. Yes, I know I need to post a million FO posts! Working on it!

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