Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FO: Kick Pillow II

Roxy loved her first kick pillow so much that I decided to make her another one - this time with some funky fringe. On the last pillow I used the ugliest yarn in my stash, but this time I picked out the prettiest yarn! I wish it wasn't a scratchy acrylic or I would totally make myself some socks out of it! Roxy doesn't seem to notice a difference...
it's good for biting:and good for kicking:
yarn details
Red Heart Super Saver in Williamsburg Print
worsted weight
100% acrylic
141 grams/244 yds

Lion Brand Fun Fur Solid in Olive
bulky weight
100% polyester
50 grams/64 yards @ $3.00



project details

pattern: loosely based on the kick pillow by Karen Mortensen in 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders
needles: size 5 dpns
finished size: apprx. 6.5'' x 3''
duration: from January 2 - March 8, 2009 (though really only a few hours of work)
yarn used: very little
total cost: maybe $1-ish

notes1. CO 58 stitches and worked in the round until it looked pillow-sized, then I cast off. I whip-stitched the seams after stuffing.

2. I put the catnip in the toe of an old nylon and then stuffed that in the pillow along with polyfill. (If you just let the catnip run loose on the inside, it works its way out while kitty plays and then it looks like you have illicit substances spilled all over your floor).

3. I used a crochet hook to attach the fun fur around the edges after it was all stuffed and ready to go. For some reason, this process took me three hours!! Stupid crochet!! Arg!

4. Here is an artsy video of Roxy demolishing this toy.

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