Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Roxy!

It's my baby kitty's third birthday today! They grow up so fast! I knit her this darling little toy - a catnip kick pillow. It's based on a project in 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders called the "Catnip Kick Pillow." Basically, it's a little pillow stuffed with catnip that kitty can hold with her front paws and kick at with her back feet. (Incidentally, this is exactly how Roxy plays with my shoes...) Brilliant idea!

So, I used some of my (ugly) variegated yarn and knit up little 4x6-ish pillow on size 6 DPNs in the round - then to decorate it I knit an attached i-cord all around the edges. Roxy really liked the i-cord - it gives her something to bite. She really loves this pillow - I'm so happy! I recommend this project to all cat lovers.

Here's a pic:
And now a pic of the pillow in use:And, because I love you, a video of the pillow in use:

BTW, the yarn is TLC Essentials Multi in the "Surf & Turf" colorway. When I bought this yarn I thought it was so pretty, then every time I take it out to use it I'm like, "yuck." But Roxy doesn't mind, and this is actually a good project to use a variegated yarn - which is good because I almost never knit with it. It's just not my thing.

The stuffing has a nylon stuffed with catnip and polyfill at the core of the toy with more polyfill stuffed around it.


  1. I don't think it's ugly yarn, I love browns and blues together. Roxy is very lucky to have you.

    Happy birthday kitty!

  2. hey! how are you? haha i've been reading your blog but have been SOOO lazy about commenting lately!

    yay! our cats have matching ugly yarn toys!! haha though i think this is pretty cute as far as cat toys go :)

    haha i love the video! roxy definitely looks like she's enjoying herself!! :)

    i'm definitely gonna have to make one of these for bennington :) he's a little kicker. he got sick of shandi's toy (which he would always steal from her before) and now he needs something to play with haha.