Here is a gallery of my completed projects (under construction..):

Berry Patch Socks

Nebula Socks

Peppermint Mocha Socks

baby booties

Blackbaud Booties


Another Ro!

aviator hat


knitted scarf

Meandering Rib Scarf

Blue Skies Head Hugger Ear Warmer

Blue Skies Head Hugger

Girl on Fire Socks by Cookie A

Girl on Fire Socks

Starter Stockinette Socks

My 30th Socks


Silverplait Socks

Parisian Twist Earwarmer

Parisian Twist Headband Ear Warmer

Head Hugger

Unadorned Head Hugger

Office Retreat Socks

Office Retreat Socks

My So-Called Scarf

My So-Called Scarf


Skywalker Shawl



Salad Socks

Salad Socks

Brooklyn Mitts

Steve the Stitchosaurus

Christmas Socks

TicTac Toes Socks

Rainbow Steps Baby Booties

Mini Pug

Frosting Hat

Mommy Daughter Head Huggers

Vintagey Jaywalkers

Toleware Hat

Winter Garden Socks

Daisy the Flower

Business Casual II

Evergreen Lake Mittens

Rainbow Baby Blanket

Stretch the Giraffe

Owen the Teddy Bear

Wave Rib Scarf

Gato Mishto

Sugar Maple Shawl

Key Lime Pi

Koolhaas II

Frosty the Tiny Snowman

Footie Socks

Turmeric Socks

Gordon the Flamingo

More Jaywalkers

Hannah the Slug

Sprocket the Robot

Sam the Koala II


Sam the Koala

Cheerios Socks

Russ the Chick in an Egg

Nel the Tiny Owl

Flavia the Unicorn

Vancouver Fog II

Yoga Monkeys

Vancouver Fog

Leaf Beret

Purple People Eater

Business Casual Socks

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Prettiest Hot Pad Ever

Ro the Tiny-er Monster

Nelson the Owl

Nine to Five Socks

Another Pair of Jaywalkers

Duvino Double Knit Headband


Mousseux Shawl

Mousseux Shawl

Tiny Amigurumi Monster

Tiny Monster

SmokinSkip Scarf

Smokinskip Scarf

crochet wine tote

Wine Tote

Crochet Lady Bug

Vera the Ladybug

Lace Baby Blanket

Treasured Baby Blanket


Ro the Tiny Monster

Happy Reindeer

Happy Reindeer

Fluffy Little Sheep

Fluffy Little Sheep

Fan Shawl

Fan Shawl

Hello Kitty Fingerless Mitts

Hello Kitty Mitts

Diagonal Lace Socks

Diagonal Lace Socks

Small Blue Sheldon the Turtle


Riverrun Scarf

Riverrun Scarf

Eric's Socks

Eric's Socks