About Me

Hi, welcome to my knitting blog!  My name is Pepper and I'm a knitter, wine lover, and cat fancier.... just to name a few of my interests.  I am originally from Utah, but I now live in Boston, Massachusetts with my amazing boyfriend Eric and our darling cat Roxy.

I have been knitting for over a decade and blogging for almost as long over on a personal site.  I started the Spicy Knitter about five years ago as a blog about my knitting adventures.  It's mostly a journal of the projects I am working on and things I am dreaming about creating.  I also use it as a place to collect various knitting tips and tricks that I might want to refer back to later.  Someday I want to post my own designs here as well.

In addition to knitting, I like to do various other crafty things.  I sell a lot of what I make in my etsy shop, Buttons and Things.  I make some cool knitting-inspired stuff like knitting buttons and knitting wine charms - you should check them out!  Amazingly, I don't sell anything I knit in the shop, but that may change some day.

Thanks for stopping by!  If you'd like to get in touch with me or stalk me some more on Pinterest, Facebook, or Ravelry, you can use the links on the upper right corner of my site.

This is me knitting with Roxy.