Tuesday, December 27, 2016

FO: Emergency Ear Warmers (Two Posts in One!)

After all these years, I lost my beloved Head Hugger Earwarmer.  RIP my dear friend!  I'm so sad.  I really hope someone found it and decided to use it.  I hate to think it just ended up all dirty on the street and got swept up....  no, Pepper, don't think that!!

Anyway, I tried to knit some replacements the weekend after I lost it.  Don't really love either candidate.  I'm going to be ordering more Lamb's Pride Bulky soon so I can replicate the original Head Hugger.

Anyway, here are the ones I knit. You can get more details on the Ravelry pages if you are dying to know the details.

The Parisian Twist Earwarmer:

This one is knit out of some acrylic yarn that I randomly bought recently.  It is nice and soft, but not very warm.  However, I am excited that I got to use this cute button on something!  {details on Ravelry}


Head Hugger:

This is the Head Hugger pattern, but without any embellishments.  I was going to embellish it, but after wearing it, it's not warm enough.  I used some lovely thick & thin yarn on it, but I think the thin parts are letting the wind in. {details on Ravelry}

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