Thursday, February 11, 2016

RIP Blue Angel Shawl

Back in the summer of 2013 I was super excited to sign up for a mystery knit-a-long with Craftsy.  Well, the danger of mystery KALs is that you may not like what you are supposed to knit once the pattern is revealed.  That's the case here.  I tried to get excited about it because it would have been my first shawl, but there was just so much stockinette in the pattern and it was pretty boring to knit as the shawl started getting bigger.  Also, I hated the yarn in the kit with a firey passion.  It tangled and knotted on a dime - I was constantly putting down the knitting and trying to unpick knots.  Most of the time I had to cut them out and do a Russian join to keep going.  It was just not pleasant.

Here it is, along with all the tangled yarn.

Jump about 2.5 years into the future...  I was home sick today and looking at my Ravelry projects and I was like, "I really should finish that shawl."  I took it out and all those strong emotions came back to me about how much I hated this project... so you know what I did?  I yanked out the needles and unraveled it all.  It felt so good!!!  Take that you hell beast!

Also, I liberated these darling stitch markers!  It was a good day.

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