Saturday, January 30, 2016

FO: Mommy Daughter Head Huggers

I've been trying to cull my stash lately and one of the yarns I always encounter when I sort it is my Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Bulky leftovers from my Head Hugger earwarmer.  There really wasn't enough of this yarn to make anything, except if I made another Head Hugger and switched the contrasting and main colors... but who needs two Head Huggers?

Enter: Christmas 2015, when I decided to only give handmade gifts.  The whole point of that idea was to save money, so it made sense to stash dive for the materials.  I decided to finally knit that second Head Hugger for my sister in law in Utah.  After I finished, I thought it would be super cute to make matching ones for her two daughters.  I didn't want to make those out of the 100% wool because it is a little bulky, but after another stash dive, I found acrylic yarns in the same colors.  Victory!

I modified the Head Hugger pattern to make a smaller version for my 5 year-old niece and I did a simple hat for the baby but used the Head Hugger flower decorations to make it coordinate.  Sadly, baby's head was much bigger than I imagined and the hat doesn't fit her...  but... I tried.  That counts for something.

Details on all three of these FOs are on Ravelry: Head Hugger, Little Head Hugger, Baby Hat.  I won't recount them here, since that would take forever!

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