Sunday, January 31, 2016

FO: Frosting Hat

I work at an awesome education-based nonprofit called BUILD and for some reason the people at our National Program Team have a real thing for rubber duckies.  As such, we all have several rubber ducks on our desks and scattered around the office that we have managed to acquire from the NPT.  They are all those cute rubber duckies where the ducks are dressed up as something.  So, this Halloween we decided as an office that we would each pick a duck and dress up as the same thing as our duck.  Cute idea, huh?

I got a duck that is either a cupcake or an ice cream sundae, not really sure?  Anyway, I improvised a knitting pattern to make his frosting-like head.  Then I did a pompom on top for the cherry and sewed on some pretty blue beads for the sequins. (Which took forever!!)

For the hat, I held two strands of white worsted weight yarn together and CO 72 stitches, did some ribbing, then alternated 3 rows stockinette and 5 rows reverse stockinette to make the layered look.  I did some trial & error swatches until I finally found an acceptable stitch combination for that.  To do the decreases I just looked at a hat pattern I hat laying around and modified those decreases to work with my stitch count and work in my pattern.  Should have taken notes on that I suppose.  Sorry!

p.s. To make the pompom I used my new pompom maker for the first time.  It was super cheap and I let's just say that I got what I paid for....  but it more or less got the job done.

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