Sunday, October 4, 2015

FO: Daisy the Flower

Sadly, Daisy the Flower was my last project from the freshstitches kit club.  I loved being part of the club so much - but I had to cut back on my craft spending and the kit club just had to go. (Sad!!)

The one thing I didn't love about the kit club is that I frequently ran out of yarn because I like to use an I or a J hook for these critters and that doesn't work with these kits. Anyway, this time I grabbed the prescribed H hook, but then it turns out that I accidentally grabbed a G... so, it's a little smaller than intended and I have a ton of yarn left.  Oh well!  No big deal.

As the "extra", this kit came with cute comic eyes (which you can buy in Stacey's eye shop) and a little squeaker to go in the leaf.  I didn't use the squeaker in this project, so I'm saving it for something else. (I thought it would be fun in a baby toy, but this one couldn't go to a baby because the eyes are not baby-safe).

And now, meet Daisy:

yarn details
purple and green worsted weight yarn 
100% wool
(from freshstitches kit club, Spring 2015)

18mm comic eyes
polyfill stuffing

project details
pattern: "Daisy, the flower" by Stacey Trock of freshstitches, exclusive pattern for the freshstitches Kit Club #13
finished size: 8'' tall, flower head is about 5.5'' in diameter
hook: G (4.0 mm)
yarn used: no idea, but it was less than 100 yards purple and 30 yards green
duration: April 7 - August 21, 2015

  • I'm not a fan of the way the ruffle petals turned out - I think the last round is too tight and it makes it all curl under. If I made it again I would either make the last round another increase round or I would have done it in a larger hook.
  • Also, if I made it again, I would put a dowel or maybe just a pipe cleaner running through the stem and the head so it stood up straight like a flower. The head is too heavy and it flops back if you stand it up, so it can only lay flat or has to be propped up against something.
  • It might be fun to experiment with making the face yellow and the petals a color, like a real daisy

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