Sunday, August 16, 2015

UFO sighting! Tropical Clutch

I was rummaging through one of my (secret) yarn storage spaces this morning looking for a particular yarn I need to finish a project and look what I found:

This is going to be a cool beaded clutch and I remember I was so excited about it when I started the project and it took me forever to find the right wooden beads and the pieces for the handle.  You'd think that after I went to all that effort, I would have knit it up quickly to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  But that was over two years ago...

I can't believe I let it hibernate for so long!  Poor little clutch!  So, anyway, today I am devoting a little time to work on it.  It's been at least a year since I've touched it and I had to relearn the beading technique a bit, but I'm on track now.  I'm officially bumping it up in WIP priority list to right below my last freshstitches kit club project and above the last panel of the hue shift afghan - two other projects that have been languishing in the WIP bin for far too long...

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