Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FO: Frosty the Tiny Snowman

Considering all the snow we have had in Boston lately, Stacey could not have picked a more appropriate little cutie to go in our freshstitches Kit Club shipment this winter!  I even crocheted him on a day when I was snowed in and couldn't go into work.  The kit included the white and orange yarn and all the safety eyes used as the "coal pieces" to decorate the snowman.  I knitted the little hat with some scraps in my stash.  Stacey loves rainbows, so the colors were sort of an ode to her.

I am proud of this little guy because I crocheted him while holding the yarn in my left hand, which is a much more sensible way to crochet than holding it in the right hand, which I typically do.  It was weird to try something new, but after a while it started feeling more natural.  I'm going to force myself to crochet this way from now on!

And here is Roxy, displeased by all the attention this little guy is getting.

yarn details
white and orange worsted weight yarn
100 % wool
(from freshstitches kit club January 2015)

polyfill stuffing
two 12mm black craft eyes
two 8mm black craft eyes
five 6mm black craft eyes

project details
pattern: "Frosty the Tiny Snowman" by Stacey Trock (kit club exclusive pattern)
finished size: 4.5'' tall (without hat)
hook: G (4.25mm)
gauge: slightly tighter than 5 rounds = 2.25'' in diameter
yarn used: had several yards left over from what was in the kit
duration: February 2-3, 2015


  • I was going to be all clever and write down instructions for how I knitted the hat, but I waited too long to write this blog post and have totally forgotten what I did.  Sorry!

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