Sunday, November 16, 2014

Something Other Than Knitting.... Crewel Embroidery

I worked long and hard on knitting my Sugar Maple shawl yesterday morning, however I started to feel a little burned out with it, so I switched to another project.  I didn't really feel like doing more knitting (gasp!) so I pulled out a crewel embroidery kit that I bought several months ago but haven't started yet.  I made a little progress on it and it was a nice break from knitting.

When I'm finished, I will end up with a really colorful sort of retro tree, like so:

I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with this tree once it is all stitched up, but that is a problem for another day!

The danger now is that I'm sort of in-the-zone on this project now but I can't afford to neglect the shawl, as the clock is ticking on that one.  So far today I have been busy with other stuff, but perhaps this afternoon I will have a little time to work on both the shawl and the tree.  AFTER I go to Petco to retrieve some food for my dear hungry kitty cat.

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