Sunday, November 23, 2014

Progress Update: Sugar Maple Shawl

I made excellent progress on the Sugar Maple Shawl this weekend.  I finished the base of the shawl and picked up all the stitches to make the ruffle.  It required a ton of stitch markers to set everything up for the ruffle and I grabbed all that I could find and ended up having exactly enough!  Hooray!  (I have zillions of little stitch markers, but it was hard finding ones that would work on size 11 needles!)

I would show you a progress picture of the shawl, but it is too big to fit nicely in the camera frame.  (I tried!)

I was panicking a little earlier this week that the shawl wasn't going to get finished in time, but now I am confident that it will.  I'm estimating that I'm at least 70% through with it.  This is good because there is one other project that I would really love to finish my Christmas, but it still may not happen....  but maybe I can try!

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