Monday, November 3, 2014

Maybe Monday: Christmas Tree Skirt

It's sad to admit this, but I don't have a real Christmas tree.  I have one of those little tiny trees that's like two feet tall.  I make it work by putting tiny ornaments on it and a little angel on top.  It's no so pathetic that way, right?  You know, because it's all to scale?  I even have a tiny little tree skirt to go around it, see:

The problem with my tree skirt is that it is actually too tiny, which is hard to comprehend that there is an even smaller tree out there that this skirt was intended to fit....  I would love to replace it with a slightly larger one, but I have never found anything that would work, and I figured I'd have to sew something custom, and who has time for that? So it never happened.

Then, I saw a crocheted Christmas tree skirt on Pinterest, and I was like "huzzah!  What a great idea!"  Why did it never occur to me before to knit a tree skirt?  So, I hit Ravelry and found some great ones.  But this one is by far my favorite:

The pattern is by Mary Triplett Designs and you can purchase it on Ravelry for $6.00.  Of course, I will have to modify mine to make it fit my tiny tree.  I think I could just do less of the "V" lace repeats toward the center of the skirt (the part in red), OR, this pattern is knit using bulky weight yarn, so I wonder if just switching to sport weight would to the trick?  I'll have to do some swatching to experiment.  Either way, I'm super excited about this project!


  1. I'm excited too! How cute your tree is going to look with that skirt!

    1. I can't wait! First I have a high priority project I have to finish up. Hoping I will be able to work on this one in time for Christmas!!