Monday, November 10, 2014

Maybe Monday: Cabled Cardigans

I saw two sort of similar cabled cardigans this week on Ravelry and I love them both!  They are both hip-length open cardigans with cabled details and I think one of them should be my next sweater project!

They are the Quadraphonic Cardigan by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud and Wink by Hanna Maciejewska.

First up, the Quadraphonic Cardigan:
{Quadraphonic Cardigan by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud from Knitscene, Winter, 2013}

I am absolutely in love with the back of this cardigan. Can you see how it sort of flares out at the waist?  I think that would be really flattering on my body. I also like the mix of simple garter stitch on the edgings and stockinette everywhere else.  I don't love the sleeve length, but that is easy enough to modify.

Next is Wink:
{Wink by Hanna Maciejewska of Hada Knits}

I like this one a whole lot!  It's definitely got a lot more going on than Quadraphonic, which would make it really interesting to knit.  I love the cabling on the sleeves, it is just gorgeous!  Not so sure I love the raised seams or the fact that it's mostly in reverse stockinette, which is just not my favorite pattern...  I always feel like I'm wearing something inside out.  (Which I think is sort of the look this designer was going for, actually).  I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the ribbing on the front.  I love the way it looks, but I'm not sure I would like the way it hangs on my body.

So... which one will I knit?  Tough to say.  I think I would like the Quadraphonic Cardigan better once it's finished, but Wink sure does look fun to knit!  Luckily, I've got a while before I will have time to start a large project like a sweater, so I have plenty of time to mull it over.

Which one do you like?