Sunday, November 2, 2014

Looking for a Gift for Your Knitter?

About two years ago I created an etsy treasury of unique gifts for knitters.  (I blogged about it back then and even created a cute graphic that you can pin!)  This turned out to be a very popular treasury and has had over 1,000 views, which I think is pretty awesome.  I went in this week to check on it and realized that a bunch of the items that were on the treasury were no longer available and it was half empty!  That wouldn't do, so I filled it back up again!  Everything you see in the bottom two rows below is new to the treasury.  I especially love the personalized yarn skein necklace and that bright yellow notions case!!

Of course, you will see some stuff from my shop on the treasury as well.  It's sort of bad form on etsy to put your own stuff in your treasuries, but it's not forbidden and I think I sell some pretty darn cute gifts for knitters, so I added them to the list.  And that's that!

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