Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Yarn Problem....

I want to write about something that has been weighing on me for some time now...  you see, I think I have a yarn problem.  Have you seen all those warning signs that you may have a drinking problem?  Well a lot of them apply to how I feel about my stash.

Feeling guilty about how much yarn I have?  Check.  Lying to people about how much yarn I have?  Check. (Hint: it's not all logged on Ravelry...)  My friends and family would probably be worried if they realized how bad it really is....  I do buy yarn to feel better and I almost always purchase more than I intend to.  But, at least my stash has never caused me to black out (at least not that I recall.... lol).

The thing is, I know it's bad, but I really don't know what to do about it.  I have gotten lots better about new yarn purchases, so I think the growth of the stash is slowing a bit.  I mean, I still buy lots of yarn, but at the very least, I only buy yarn when I have a specific project in mind and I make sure I buy the proper quantities for that project.  So, the yarn is less likely to sit there for years: I am likely to use it soon because I have a plan for it.  In my early stashing days, I would just buy  yarn totally at random and then I could never use it because I couldn't find a suitable project or I wouldn't have the right amount to make what I wanted.  So, a large part of my stash consists of those odd-ball purchases (pun intended).  I really should get rid of all of those.  But doing that is so hard!!  What if I need them some day??

The other particularly problematic area of my stash is the range of acrylics in different colors.  As you know, I like to make amigurumi, which means I use a little bit of a lot of colors.  After a while, all those partial balls add up.  But I can't throw these out because if I ever need that color again for another amigurumi, I'd have to buy a whole new skein for just a few yards, which is crazy talk.

Plus, even if I decided to cut down my stash?  What would I do with it?  Do I just leave it for the Salvation Army?  How do I know they will find a good home for it?  I can list it for sale (or for free) on Ravelry, but that is a slow process.  I don't have any friends who knit who I could give the yarn to.  I'm stuck.

Well, I thought writing about this topic was going to make me feel better, but really it just left me feeling overwhelmed.  I guess I can live with a yarn problem.  I mean, as far as problems go, it's fairly innocuous.  Unless anyone out there has any brilliant ideas for me??  Or do you just live with it too?

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