Wednesday, November 5, 2014

FO: Gordon the Flamingo

Meet my new friend: Gordon the Flamingo!  Gordon was in my September box of the freshstitches kit club, I think choosing a flamingo for the kit was Stacey's last ditch attempt to hang on to summer....  and it worked a little!

I have a coworker who loves to hear what is in my kit club shipments and as soon as I mentioned that this time it was a flamingo she got very excited because she loves flamingos, so I told her that Gordon would be hers.  He is off to his new home now and enjoying it very much.

yarn details
pink and orange worsted weight yarn
100% wool
(from freshstitches kit club, September 2014)

polyfill stuffing
12mm black safety eyes

project details
pattern: "Gordon the Flamingo" by Stacey Trock available here for $4
finished size: 8'' tall (not including legs), legs are 5'' long
hook: I (5.5mm) hook for feet and legs, H (5.0mm) hook for body and beak
gauge: don't even ask...
yarn used: used up all the yarn in the kit plus a little extra orange from my stash
duration: Sept 25 - Oct 18, 2014

  • I tried very hard to get gauge and thought I had it with an I hook, but I ran out of the orange yarn way too soon.  Had to modify legs so they are about 3 or 4 rows shorter than the pattern calls for and I had to pull some orange yarn from my stash to finish up the beak.  Switched to an H hook for body and was good on the pink yarn.
  • The kit came with a rattle insert, but I didn't put it in this guy since I was making it for my coworker.  I'll save the rattle for some time when I make a baby toy.


  1. your coworker must be so happy! He's gorgeous.

    1. She was very happy. So was my boyfriend - he dislikes all my little crocheted friends hanging out all over the house! He is always glad when I give them away!