Monday, June 9, 2014

Maybe Monday: Caribbean Breeze Swimsuit Wrap

The weather is finally starting to warm up here in Boston and I've got swimming pools on the brain. (Specifically, this one).  If I'm going to be hopping around from pool to pool, I'm going to need something to cover my, uh, voluptuous rear end.  That's why today I'm thinking about making this Swimsuit Wrap!

{Caribbean Breeze Swimsuit Wrap by Deborah Devlin}

Why I Might Not Make It:  It's crochet, and as a rule, I don't crochet anything without a face... Seriously though, crocheting in the round like for amigurumis makes sense to me, but I struggle crocheting flat stuff and I'm really more of a single crochet girl - there are some fancy stitches going on in this piece.

Why I Might Make It:  I really want the finished product.  It is pretty and useful, so I might have to try my best to tackle the crochet beast!

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