Monday, April 14, 2014

Maybe Monday: Footie Socks

It's no secret that I love knitting socks... so it should be no secret that I have tons of leftover sock yarn!  I often think, "Gee, I could probably knit a pair of footie socks with the yarn I have left here...."  And today as I was browsing the Ravelry Top 20, I found a pattern for footie socks!  Yay!  I don't know for sure if I would wear these myself, but I can think of a few people who would probably go crazy for them (like my mom, for one).

So, will I knit these?

I may not knit them because... I don't know for sure if I would actually wear them, I'm more of a full sock kind of gal.

I will probably knit them because... They would make great gifts and I can probably use leftover sock yarn to make them!  Plus, you get the satisfaction of knitting a sock without all the time involved.... sounds kind of neat!

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