Monday, April 14, 2014

Evergreen Lake Mittens: To Be or Not to Be?

I enrolled in the Craftsy class Stranded Colorwork: Basics and Beyond which (supposedly) teaches you how to work stranded colorwork by using three pairs of mittens as example projects.  I was somewhat disappointed with the colorwork basics portion of the class - she does a good job teaching how to trap a float, but other than that, there wasn't a whole lot of useful instruction on how to knit with multiple strands. However, I also enrolled in the Simple Sweaters: Stranded and Steeked class which has a much better intro to stranded colorwork, so I was able to pick up enough to fill in the gaps and make the first mitten in the course: the Evergreen Lake Mitten.

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.  The colorwork doesn't pucker too much and the strands on the inside are smooth.  It also has a cool hem that I really dig.  I'm not so sure about these colors though... I bought the yarn on sale and had a limited selection of colors to choose from and I wanted something that would be high-contrast, so this is what I went with.

Anyway, the thing is that I don't really wear mittens and I can't think of who I would gift these to, so I'm not sure if I want to bother knitting the second mitten.  I did it just for the colorwork practice, but now I think I've got it down and I'm ready to apply it to a pair of socks I've been wanting to start.  But I hate leaving a project half-finished!!  Maybe I'll just think of it as a really elaborate swatch...?

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