Monday, February 10, 2014

Maybe Monday: Happy Hour!

It's only Monday and I already need a drink...  uh oh.  Gonna be a long week.  Perhaps I could make it a little more enjoyable if I crocheted up one of these ADORABLE amigurumi happy hour drinks!!

Seriously cute, huh??  I'm partial to the martini with the cute little olive, but I have to say that my favorite is the margarita glass.  (Am I wrong, or are there little seed beads sewn on to the rim for salt??)

Now the usual will she or won't she analysis:

Why I would crochet these: I would love to give them as gifts to some people and they are just lots of fun and could mostly be made out of stash yarn.

Why I wouldn't crochet these: I've gotten into the habit of crocheting through the back loop like you do in freshstitches patterns, it may drive me crazy to go back to doing it the regular way.  (Then again, I could try crocheting these little guys through the back loop and see what happens!)

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