Monday, January 27, 2014

Maybe Monday: TicTac Toes Socks

Welcome to Maybe Monday!  This week's pattern isn't so much of "maybe" as it is a "definitely" because I have already bought the pattern and yarn to knit these socks!  And, I even bought the class on Craftsy to teach me how to do stranded colorwork!  Yay!  Check 'em out:

Why I'm Going to Knit These:  They just look too awesome not to knit, am I right?  In addition, I really want to try some stranded colorwork, but I'm not really up to knitting a whole fair isle sweater so socks sound like a great project to give it a try!  Also, I love that this is only two-color stranded work but it looks so much more complex because of the variegated yarn.  Neat!

The Only Reason I Might Not Go Through With It:  If, after taking the Craftsy course, I decide I hate stranded colorwork, I might not do it.  If, after taking the Craftsy class, I learn I suck at stranded colorwork, I will have to knit a different project first to practice before I attempt these... like the mittens featured in the course.


  1. Beautiful socks! Stranded colorwork is something that I have been considering taking a shot at too! I would love to hear what you thought of the Craftsy class.

    1. I'll be sure to report back on the class. I already watched the first lesson and thought it was very good, but I have heard some reviews on Ravelry from people saying they didn't learn what they wanted to know, so, we'll see.