Thursday, January 23, 2014

Maybe Monday: Simpatico Alpaca Stole

I remember back in college, they had a day called "Academic Monday" where it wasn't Monday, but you pretended it was and went to all your Monday classes. Well, I guess today is an Academic Maybe Monday, cuz I'm doin' the Maybe Monday thing on a Thursday.

I am really loving this stole from Sweater Babe, #174 Simpatico Alpaca Stole.  I love how the cables and the leafy lace combine together so well and it just looks super warm, which I'm dreaming about on this icy winter day.

Why I might knit it: it looks challenging enough to keep me engaged while I knit, and I love the finished product

Why I might skip it: it looks like it would take a long time to finish...  but maybe looks are deceiving?

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