Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tess - Now with two sleeves!

It felt so good to finish up my Hexacomb Cardigan yesterday, that today I decided to pull another UFO out of the closet and do some work on the Tess cardigan.  Poor Tess, I started her back in 2009, knit all the pieces, then abandoned her when it came time to finish.  A few months ago I got crazy and started the finishing - I did the button band and set in one sleeve, then I got sick of it and put it away again.  Today, I set in the other sleeve and was about to seam up the sleeves when I got sick of it again!  See, the problem is, this sweater would have fit me 4 years ago, but now it won't even come close to fitting.  So, while I have a desire to finish it, just for the sake of finishing it, I have no real motivation to do these tasks that I hate so much.

All that's left to do is seam up those sleeves, add the buttons/snaps, and weave in about a million ends.  I'd give it another three years??

Just for fun, here are the beautiful buttons I bought to match the yarn.  I love them!  Almost gives me the motivation to finish the sweater I can never wear... just to see the pretty buttons.

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