Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bum Gloves: One Down, One to Go

Yesterday I finished one of my Vancouver Fog fingerless mitts (or, as my friend Jennifer calls them, "bum gloves").

This has been a really fun project so far.  I was worried the cable pattern was going to be too complicated, but it wasn't bad at all.  I just used a row counter and all was good.  The next glove will be slightly more challenging because I'm going to mirror the cables, but there aren't written instructions for doing that - just a general guidelines to switch a right cross with left cross, etc.  But, I'm sure I can handle it.  I think I might be knitting multiple pairs of these gloves for Christmas gifts, so maybe I will take the time to just write out the instructions for the right glove so I don't have to concentrate too much while I knit it.  (In fact, I wonder if anyone on Ravelry has already done this?  I should check).

I'm also pleasantly surprised with the yarn I chose.  I bought it because I loved the fact that I got to  "meet" the sheep where the wool came from, but I was worried that it would end up being kind of itchy yarn, which I usually avoid.  No so.  It is actually very soft and lovely.  I can already tell that I bought WAY too much, so I might make a matching hat or something to go with the mitts.  I wonder if anyone on Ravelry has written out that pattern as well?  lol.  It seems that you can find anything on Ravelry sometimes!  If not, I'm sure I can wing it.

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