Sunday, September 22, 2013

100 Ravelry Projects!

Exciting news!  I just started an adorable new project this weekend and it bumped my Ravelry project count up to 100!  Yay!

Of course, this includes hibernating projects, froggies, and WIPS, so it's not like I have 100 completed projects, but still, it's pretty rad.

So what put me over the top?  This cutie:

He's going to be a Purple People Eater, another design courtesy of Stacey Trock.  (Am I totally obsessed with her lately?  It seems so....)

I've also got this on the needles, it was #99, so it still deserves some recognition.  The leaf beret.  I queued this baby back in 2009, and it is finally seeing its day in the sun.

This is a pic from a few days ago... it's actually almost finished now.  The air is starting to get just a little crisp, so I've been racing to finish this up soon so I have a nice fall hat.

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