Sunday, August 18, 2013

Super WIP Update

I just realized that I haven't been talking a lot about my WIPs lately.  I've got a lot going on!  So here's a quick update on a few projects.

First, just started this yesterday: it's the Prettiest Hot Pad Ever (TPHPE).  It's a small double knitting project that I featured on a Maybe Monday a few months ago and I decided to give it a go since I have now "mastered" the double knitting technique.  Check it out:

Next up, I'm super excited to report that I am finally designing an original pattern!  Yay!  The pattern for these toe-up socks is still unnamed, but here is a pic of my progress so far:

Also, I'm making up my own pattern for another pair of toe-up socks, these crazy striped socks.  It's not really a "pattern" just stockinette stitch, but I did the math to figure out the stitch counts and such.  I think these are really ugly and scratchy.  Don't know why I am still working on them and haven't frogged yet....

I've got a few other WIPs going on too, but no recent pics so I'll save reporting on them for later.  Peace Out.

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