Monday, June 17, 2013

Maybe Monday: The Sapphire Shawl

I usually cruise around Ravelry to find patterns that I want to feature on Maybe Monday, but today I decided to check out what's trending on Craftsy and I'm glad I did!  I found this gorgeous shawl, the Sapphire Shawl by Brian Smith.

What I Love About This: This is knit out of worsted weight yarn, which is pretty cool because most shawls seem to be knit out of a lighter weight yarn.  Not only does this lead me to believe this shawl will be warmer, but I also like to imagine that it will knit up fast as well.  Also, I'm digging the fact that it was designed by a guy.  Male designers are kind of rare in the knitting world, so I'd love to be able to support one.

Why I Might Not Knit It:  I don't really wear shawls, but that could change.

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