Friday, June 14, 2013

I Love Doll Clothes!

I'm currently obsessed with the idea of knitting doll clothes, especially American Girl doll clothes.  There are some super cute patterns out there and I also bet it wouldn't be hard at all to write your own patterns, based on the general shapes/designs of regular people-size patterns.  It would be a quick project for instant gratification and it would be a GREAT way to stash bust.  I'm sold!!  The only problem is.... I have no idea what I would do with them!!  I don't think my nieces have those dolls, and even if they did, they probably don't want crazy Auntie Pepper's homemade clothes....  (Or maybe they would?)  I checked etsy and it looks like little doll sweaters are going for for about $20 each, which isn't too bad considering that I would just be using stash yarn to make them, but the problem with selling them is that I would have to buy a doll to model them on... and those suckers are expensive!!  (No wonder my parents would never buy me one when I was young).  I'd have to sell at least five sweaters just to recoup my start-up cost of buying the doll... and it is so hard to gauge whether you are going to be successful on etsy.  I'd hate to waste $100.  So, in conclusion, it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to fulfill my new dream of knitting doll clothes.  Sad.  Nevertheless, here are some cute patterns!!

First off... would love to crochet these adorbs animal beanies!!

 And how cute is this teeny-tiny granny square afghan??

Little SOCKS??  OMG!

And check out this sweet lacy dress....  (I probably wouldn't actually crochet this because I really prefer not to venture out of my single-crochet comfort zone... but it's still damn cute!)

And one more.... this tunic sweater is so trendy and cute!!

OK, so those are just a few.  Can you see what I mean about how fun this looks??  Now, I will go back to Ravelry to look at more!  Fun!

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