Friday, May 24, 2013

Tess Progress

Well, I promised you that I would work on finishing up Tess during my period of unemployment, and I want you to know that I am a woman of my word and I have made a lot of progress!

I knit and sewed on the button bands, knit on the neckband, and I have set in one sleeve.  Check it out:

I'm really struggling with this one guys!  I HATE finishing!  Boo!  Setting in that sleeve yesterday was pure torture.  Anyway, it's almost over.  All I have left to do is set in the other sleeve, then seam up the sleeves, then add the snaps and buttons for the closures.  Oh, and I have to knit the little tie that goes around the waist, though, honestly, I might just skip that part since I'm not a big fan of waist ties.  Though, on that note, it doesn't look like this thing is even going to fit me anymore after my weight gain in the past year or so, but I want to finish it anyway. I have grand plans to lose the weight, then Tess will fit, hopefully in time for Fall, which would be perfect timing!  (Wow!  That last sentence had a lot of commas!)

By the way, I didn't realize this thing had a snap closure with "faux" buttons on the outside until I knit the button band and couldn't figure out why they didn't have me making any button holes.  Funny related story: the pattern says to make the closure with "press fasteners"... after searching the internet for a while I had a hard time finding stores that carried them.  Well, stupid me, turns out "press fastener" is just British for "snap."  lol!  So, I ordered some from Joann and they are on their way as we speak.

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