Friday, May 31, 2013

Craftsy Love! I'm at it again!

I just signed up for two more Craftsy classes!  Well, technically, these are "workshops" not "classes."  The difference is that a workshop is just working through one pattern with help from the designer, whereas a class is more about teaching you a general skill and sometimes has a few projects to work through.  Anyway, I signed up for Stacey Trock's Nelson the Owl workshop!  Yay!  I also signed up for the July Mystery Knit Along.  I was a little nervous about that last one, but my coworkers convinced me that it would be fun.  I don't know what I'll be knitting, but the designer is Stephanie Japel, who seems pretty cool, so I'm sure it will rock.  (BTW, even the yarn is a mystery! They are shipping it to my house as we speak!)

The workshops on are sale right now, so you should go check them out!  I got in on Nelson the Owl for $7.99 and the Mystery KAL for only $14.99 (including the yarn... but, plus $5 for shipping).


  1. Did you knit this up yet? I haven't done mine yet and I was wondering what you thought of the pattern.

    1. I'm about half-way through. The lace panel is cool, but there is a lot of boring stockinette to work through, so I keep putting it down in favor of more exciting projects, lol.