Monday, April 1, 2013

Maybe Monday (It's Back!): TPHPE

After a few weeks off, I'm back with a new Maybe Monday!  Maybe Monday is a weekly feature on my blog where I talk about a pattern that I may (or may not) knit.

Today's pattern isn't so much about the pattern as it is about trying out a new technique: double knitting!  I've always wanted to try double knitting (and it's probably a technique that I should have mastered before I attempted the smokinskip scarf project) so I think it's time to give it a try in the near future.  Enter: The Prettiest Hot Pad Ever (TPHPE).  This is a very pretty, and very little, double knitting project that I think I may have to try out soon!

Why I Will Probably Knit It: It's a small project and a good opportunity to try out double knitting.  If I hate it, it will be over soon and I never have to do it again.

Why I May Not Go Through With It: I'm lazy and learning something new is hard.

See you next week!

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