Friday, March 15, 2013

Nice Job, Knit Picks...

Well, everyone is pretty angry with Knit Picks right now over the whole stolen credit card numbers scandal, and I am too, considering my card was among the ones stolen, yet I never received a letter from Knit Picks explaining that to me, instead I simply received a new card from Visa with the explanation than an "undisclosed merchant" reported to them that my card number has been compromised... AND, I'm miffed because I had a sexy black credit card and the one they sent to replace it is super ugly.... but, I digress... here is the real reason why I am angry with Knit Picks today:

Two balls of self-striping yarn, same dye lot, wound in the opposite directions!!  Arg!  I knit the first sock, pulling from the center and tried to get the stripes to line up for the second sock, pulling from the center, only to realize the balls were wound in opposite directions.  I would have had to knit this second sock pulling from the outside of the ball to get the stripes to match up...and I don't like doing that.  So, I just decided to go with it and I'm going to have wonky upside-down mismatched stripes.  It will be cute.  But still....  I'm annoyed with KP for this oversight.

As for the fate of my future as a Knit Picks customer... I'm still on the fence.  (Not because of the wonky yarn, but because of the credit card issue).  The thing is, I like their yarn.  It's high quality, affordable, and they have a nice selection.  And you (obviously) can't buy their yarn anywhere else, so although I'd like to swear that I will never shop there again, the truth is that I probably still will.  But I will do it begrudgingly.  And I'm not giving them my credit card number again, I will be paying via PayPal from now on.


  1. What a pain, Pepper! I LOVE Knitpicks harmony wood needles, their yarn,and their 40% off book sale the run fairly often.

    1. I know! Such a pain! I love my nickle interchangeable needles from KP - haven't tried the harmony ones yet, but I've been thinking about it!