Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Progress Report

I had a very productive weekend (well, productive knitting-wise).  I am super excited to report that I am almost finished with the lettering on the smokinskip scarf!  YAY!  I made it through the "k", the "i" and the first half of the "p" last weekend.  Here is a pic of it up to the "i" part:

Impressive, eh?  I'm looking forward to finishing.  Then I think I'll be done with intarsia projects for a while after this...  I definitely need a break from it.  In fact, I might be done with gift knitting in general for a while too.

I also made good progress on the Mousseux shawl I am making for my mother.  Here is what I have so far.  I estimate I'm about 25% done at this point, maybe 30%.  It is just increasing garter stitch at this point, so it's really easy.  Not too boring... though the rows are starting to get pretty long, so that feeling may change.  Here is a pic, though there's really not much to see:

I have no doubt that I will have this done before I go visit my mother in late April.  Yay!

p.s.  I envy some of the knitting bloggers out there who always take the most beautiful WIP pics!  Mine are horrid, I know.  Frankly, my FO pics really aren't much better... something I need to work on.

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