Monday, February 25, 2013

Maybe Monday: Kitten Amigurumi!

For today's Maybe Monday, I am looking at a sweet little crochet project: amigurumi kittens!

Why I Want to Crochet This:  First of all.... we're talking about KITTENS!!  Love them!  Second... the pattern is FREE!!  Third ... I love Amy Gaines's designs!  She is so talented!  Lots to be excited about with this project.

Why I Might Not Make It:  I've been making a lot of little amigurumis lately at the expense of doing more "serious" knitting projects.  I've just got a lot of other projects in the works and not sure I should take a break to work on another critter right now.


  1. Now see, I may have to go and do kittens!! I love kittens, but I'm allergic, so the closest I may get to having a cat in my home is this one!!
    Great Choice!

    1. Awe! I should make one for my mom for the same reason! BTW, lots of people on Ravelry are putting pipe cleaners in the tail so you can position it any way you like. Be sure to remember that if you decide to crochet this!