Friday, February 1, 2013

A few updates

Well, I was sick this week.  I stayed home from work two days.  Day #1, I was too sick to knit!  (boo!!)  Day #2, I was feeling a little better, so I started on a new project - a crocheted lady bug amigurumi for my niece.  I got the 6 little legs finished, plus the wings and the spots.  I ordered a little kit to make it from Fresh Stitches - it came with the exact amount of yarn I needed, plus the safety eyes, so I think it was a pretty good deal.  Though, once I got the kit and realized how little yarn it actually takes to make this thing, I realized I probably could have made do with what was in my stash.  Oh well.

Over the weekend I finished up two projects: I finished the Treasured Baby Blanket.  It's all blocked and ready to be delivered to the baby this weekend.  FO post on that coming soon.  I also completely frogged the wine tote and started over on it.  I ended up spending my entire Saturday working on the darn thing, but I finished it!  Hooray!  I'd like to crochet a flower or something to add a little whimsy to the tote, so I'll get on that soon and then take some pics.

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