Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Project!

Even though the last thing I need is yet another project on the needles, I totally started one anyway!  I got this amazing new sock yarn from Knit Picks (Stroll Glimmer in Foxglove) and I just couldn't wait to cast on a new pair of pretty glittery socks!

I have had the Nine to Five pattern by Nicole Hindes sitting in my Ravelry queue for a while and I thought it would be a great pattern for this yarn.  I'm enjoying the pattern so far - it's not complicated and the special twisty stitch is really fun to make!

The pattern calls for size 1.5 needles, but I don't have those, so I'm using size 1.  That's the smallest needle size I've ever used!  Go me!


  1. Hi - thanks for heading over to my Facebook page. I really like your WIP tabs down the side of your blog - you seem to be one very busy lady (who has amazing nails!) I look forward to seeing how your year goes.

  2. If you've got an Apple iPad -- the Ravelry bookmarklet can easily be setup in mobile Safari. Lets you get content into Ravelry very easily while browsing.

  3. Love the yarn. Is this the first pair of socks that you've knitted?

    1. I have knitted lots of socks, but usually I use size 2 needles. This is my first pair on the itty-bitty size 1 needles!