Monday, January 21, 2013

Maybe Monday: Twigs and Willows

Welcome to my second Maybe Monday feature, in which I introduce you to an awesome project that I am thinking about/dreaming about knitting or crocheting sometime in the near to distant future...  (an idea that I lovingly ripped off from Designs by Hebrew Hands).

Today's maybe project is the Twigs and Willows cardigan by Alana Dakos.  Check out this beauty:

What I love about it:   I love how simple it is - a nice fitted cardigan, mostly in stockinette, with a pretty decorative yolk - it is totally my style and I can really imagine myself not only knitting it, but actually wearing it too.  (Sadly, many of the sweaters I knit, I rarely wear...)  I also like that the pattern is (going to be) available digitally, so I won't have to have another book sitting around on my bookshelf for all eternity.  I also love the yarn - it is definitely something I would splurge on!

What might stop me from knitting it:  Although I love this baby, I'm skeptical that I will actually knit it.  Why?  I just haven't had much luck with knitting (err.. finishing knitting) large projects lately.  I seem to get about 3/4 of the way through them and then lose interest, or gain weight, or run out of supplies, or simply come to a frustrating point and quit...  So I'm hesitant to willy-nilly throw a sweater on the needles again when I know there is a good chance it will just be a big waste of time.

Nevertheless, I have added the pattern to my never-ending Ravelry queue... perhaps some day I will be inspired to take up a big project again and this will be right there waiting for me!


  1. I love this sweater, especially the color! To me the color alone screams elegance. (But thats just me)
    It's my style as well because I look for modest yet pretty clothes.
    And maybe you could finish this one, if you shop it around first? See if maybe you could get someone to commit to purchasing it, and then you would have to finish it! LOL
    And afterwards you could do another one for you!
    Whatcha think?

  2. I've never sold anything I have knit before! That would definitely be good motivation to finish! lol!

  3. See..
    Theres a first time for everything!
    Work your knit thing!! LOL

  4. It is a very pretty sweater. I love the color! I have a hard time finishing things for myself, but when someone else is paying or if I'm making it as a gift for someone I usually get it done.

  5. Lovely sweater. Large projects are something I stay away from. (I'm still working on a blanket for someone)

    The sweater is gorgeous - love the details on the top. The only sweater I have made (ever) is a little baby sweater. That's definitely something I can finish.