Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Sweet Treat from Knit Picks!

Knit Picks released a new kit to make the cutest knitted cupcakes!!  Finally, my love for cupcakes and my love of knitting can be united.

{image from knit picks}

In addition to being darling, this is actually a really good deal.  You get the cupcake pattern plus seven balls of Wool of the Andes yarn (one of my faves) for only $15.99.  I think there are some free cupcake patterns out there on Ravelry, but I have to say, this one looks way cuter than the others I've seen.  I like the swirly look of the frosting - just like a real gourmet cupcake!  Definitely going to get one of these kits.  Now I just need to think of $34 worth of other stuff to buy so I can get free shipping...  that really won't be a problem, lol.  How about this?  And this?  And this?

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