Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Update

I spent most of the weekend working on a super secret project that I cannot reveal until later, but I also got a little work done on the baby blanket.  I'm exactly at the half-way point now.  I'm a little worried I'm going to run out of yarn because I bought 6 balls, and I started on ball #4 about two rows before I hit the half-way point.  It seems like that is a pretty definitive sign that I'm not going to have enough yarn to complete the project, but I think I'm just going to keep on going to the end and see what happens.  Maybe there will be some sort of miracle.  Anyway, the baby isn't due until January, so I'll have plenty of time to order another ball of yarn, if need be.  Sometimes I just like to live on the edge.

And on the subject of running out of yarn... my friend Sarah and I have noticed that when we're running out of yarn, we start knitting faster... as if that's going to help!  lol.  Anyone else do that?


  1. Oh my! This is the blankie I've made and the second time made a mess of it. I wanted to make it larger and really messed myself up with the decreasing section. Then the bind off because a point instead of similar to the other corners. My fix on that will be to add a flower to the bend down corner. Pizazzzzzz.

    Marny (not really Anonymous)

    1. If you got to the middle and ran out of yarn, I would have done the second half in a different color.

      Marny (again, with afterthought)

    2. Ooh! That is a clever idea to do it in two colors. Also, I wanted to make a second one of these that was much smaller, but I didn't want to do the math... so kudos to you for being brave enough to try.