Friday, September 28, 2012

Like Me?

I know I've been plugging my etsy shop more than usual lately, but I'm just trying to scare up some business to earn more money for rent yarn.  Anyway, here is a way you can help me grow my business without spending a penny: just like me on facebook!  (Even if you block me from your news feed, that's fine, I'd still appreciate the like!)

How does this help me?  Well, first, I'm trying to get to 30 initial likes so I can unlock the facebook analytics tools so I can see how people are using my page and use those insights to make it better for people.  So you'd definitely be helping me out in a huge way if you are one of my first 30.  After that, I'm trying to get likes because when people see my company and see that I have a bunch of likes, they are more likely to buy from me... it's sort of a peer-pressure approach to sales.

How does this help you?  After you like me, you can message me for a promo code which will entitle you to 10% off in my shop every time you order.  Also, you can see when I list new stuff and occasionally I will do a flash sale or one-day-only promo code that can lead to even more savings.

See, it's a win-win.

On another note, people often ask me why I don't sell any of my knitted stuff in my etsy shop.  It's always just seemed to me that I'd have to price my items so high to make up for the cost of yarn and the time spent knitting that no one would want to pay that much.  What do you think?  Do you ever sell your knitted stuff?  Think it's worth it?

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