Thursday, April 5, 2012

(comically large) socks from hell!

So, I finished sock #1 of Eric's socks on Saturday and had him try it on. As I expected it was way too big! Even though he has been trying it on in stages all along and swearing it was not too loose, when the final product came out, he said it was too loose! Arg! I should have just trusted my instincts and frogged the thing back in September when I thought (knew) it was too big right from the start. So... I am starting over. I finally pulled out my own jaywalkers (knit in the smallest size) and had him try them on, and he decided the fit was great, but he wanted the ribbing at the top to be even tighter. This boy needs to make up his mind! lol. So, on this new version I cast on with size 2 needles, then knit the ribbing in size 1, then switched back to 2's for the body of the sock. He tried it on and said it was good (what that's worth, I don't know...)

I cast on for the new size on Saturday and I'm already onto the gusset, so at least it is going pretty fast. I spent a good hour or so on Saturday frogging the first sock, putting the yarn into a hank, and winding it back into a ball. The yarn is a bit kinky but I'm not doing anything special to stretch it out. I'm hoping once it's been in the ball for awhile it will smooth back out enough to knit with. Wish me luck!

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