Monday, March 26, 2012

Riverrun on the blocking board

Can't believe I knit this puppy so fast! When the cat's away the mouse will play! Here is riverrun on the blocking board (plus a little towel):

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Knitting Report

I spent basically the whole day yesterday obsessively working on a new knitting project: the riverrun scarf. I purchased some chroma fingering weight yarn a while back from knitpicks, intending to knit socks with it, but I just haven't been able to find a sock pattern for it that I could get really excited over. Then I was browsing on Ravelry yesterday morning and found this puppy. Though it's a little crazy to knit a scarf this time of the year, I'm enjoying the project. I'm already almost half-way through it. I'm afraid all of my well laid plans to clean the house this weekend may have gone out the window... here's a pic:

In other news, I finished my diagonal lace socks yesterday. I tried Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off and it was indeed surprisingly stretchy. So much so, in fact, that I ripped out the bind off from the first sock and redid it with Jeny's method. I'll post an FO post for the socks when I get around to it.

Finally, I have been working on a shawl for my mom. I planned to do some serious work on it this weekend, but I got distracted by the scarf instead. Nevertheless, here is a picture I took a few weeks ago. I've done much more work on it since then, but this gives you a sense of what it looks like. It's a modular knit, which is new for me. It's kind of a pain in the ass to pick up new stitches all the time, but it's also nice to be able to work each piece a little at a time instead of having hundreds of stitches on the needles and working 10 minute rows (which is what I'm facing with the scarf right now and not loving it). Anyway, as I was saying, here' a picture:

So that's my weekend update. Off to do more knitting! Ta ta!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Darn it, Mom!

My mom has a bad habit of messing up the socks I knit her. I swear: one more hole and she's not getting any more!! (just kidding....) The last time she got holes in her socks I tried to darn them up but it was just a big mess so I decided it would be easier to just knit her a new pair of socks. Then the new pair came back with holes in them too! I decided to face my fear of darning again with slightly better results. I still couldn't manage a duplicate stitch invisible darning job, but I was able to construct a patch over the hole using this method.

Here is the hole:

And here is the patch job:

It really doesn't look too bad. In fact, I think with the variegated yarn it blends in so well that you really wouldn't know the patch was there unless you were looking for it. The only bad thing is that it added an extra layer of thickness to the areas where the holes were (there was one on the heel and one near the toe). I'm not sure how this will affect how comfortable the socks are. I'm particularly worried that the one on the heel is going to be bothersome. I guess I'll give them back to mom and she can report back. In the mean time, I'm going to get working on making her a replacement pair because I know she'll need one soon enough....

Oh, and by the way, what the hell is this white fuzz all over the socks?? Is this some sort of weird acrylic yarn thing? I've never seen anything like it before. The next pair of socks I make her will be wool and if she throws them in the dryer I will kill her!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

FO: Sheldino

It was a loooong gestation period, but Sheldon and Sheldina have finally given birth to their son, Sheldino.

yarn details
knit picks shine sport in sky and river

sport weight

60% pim
a cotton, 40% modal
50g/110 yd per ball @ $2.49 each

9 mm black safety eyes from Zimspolyfill

project details
pattern: "Sheldon" by found here:
needles: straights in 3, circular needle in 2 (used magic loop)
hook: D
time span: I started in 2008.... then frogged and started over in February 2012, and knit him up in about 3 days
total cost: ~$5
  • I knit Sheldino one needle size down from Sheldon and Sheldina so he would come out a little smaller... and he did!
  • His neck hole is a very tight fit to get the body in and out of the shell (perhaps due to the smaller needle size?). In fact, I would recommend not taking him out of his shell at all. This is disappointing because it makes him a little bit harder to play with than the other two.
And here is a picture of the happy family:

FO: Monkey Socks II

So, we all know that I'm not a huge fan of variegated yarn, but I loved the way it knitted up in my Monkey Socks and that was enough to make me want to give it a second chance... in another pair of Monkey Socks! I have long admired the Imagination line of handpainted sock yarns from Knit Picks so I decided to finally try some out. I have to admit that I liked this colorway better on the computer screen than in real life, but overall I'm a fan of the yarn. This was my first time knitting with handpainted yarn and I have a little pooling around the gussets on the socks, which sucks, but it's pretty much unavoidable (unless you want to use two skeins of yarn and alternate each row... which I don't!) So, here is a pic of the finished socks. I think the lace looks pretty cool in the darker yarn:

yarn details
Knit Picks Imagination Hand Painted Sock Yarn in Seven Dwarves
Fingering Weight
50% Merino Wool, 25% Superfine Alpaca, 25% Nylon
dye lot 09925
Hand wash only.
$6.79 per 50 g /219 yd hank

project details
pattern: "Monkey" by Cookie A, free in the Winter 2006 issue of Knitty at
size: women's medium
needles: size 2 bamboo dpns
yarn used: 1.37 skeins (about 300 yards)
time span: November 2011 - January 2012

  • As always, followed KatAutumn’s instructions for no gusset holes. Video here:
  • Here is a pic of what the pooling looked like (all the red and blue rows in the gusset):