Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's the deal with the Hexacomb Cardigan? ...and Tess?

Frequent (and infrequent) visitors of this blog may have noticed the Hexacomb Cardigan project that has been hanging out in my "works in progress" side bar for over three years... at 95% completion. In case you have ever asked yourself, "what's the deal with that?", here's the deal: all it needs is to be blocked and have the buttons sewn on. Why haven't I done it yet? I have no idea. I just can't seem to get inspired to sit down and actually do it. I took it out about two weeks ago and I was honestly going to finish it up, but I got distracted by a pair of socks instead. The cardigan has 3/4 length sleeves so I can't wear it any time soon anyway and the socks seemed so much more appealing. My goal is to finish it by Spring.

In related news, the Tess cardigan has been in my works in progress bar for almost as long as the Hexacomb Cardigan hanging out at 80% complete. The hold up there is also button-related. All I have left to knit there is the button band, but I don't have the buttons yet so I don't know how wide to make the band. I need to haul my butt down to Windsor Button to pick out some really pretty ones and get working on that. However, it also features 3/4 length sleeves, so, again, it's hard to get inspired to work on it. Also, after the button band is knitted there will still be finished to do, which I despise. I'll also make it my goal to finish it up by Spring, but I think we all know that's unlikely to happen. Really, it's more of a fall sweater...

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