Sunday, January 8, 2012

I blame the Wraith

As we all know, the first rule of Kitchener stitch is that it requires your complete attention. That is why I only have myself to blame for the boo boo I made while grafting up the toe of my latest pair of socks. Observe:

Was I knitting under the influence? In a sense. I happened to be watching a particularly intense episode of Stargate Atlantis and apparently slipped as if to purl when I should have slipped as if to knit. Shame on me for not paying closer attention to what I was doing!

I have decided to leave it as it is, because I'm afraid I'll do more damage than good if I try to rip it out and start over. The rogue purl stitches on my toes will forever serve as a stern reminder to never underestimate the power of the Kitchener and the cardinal rule to turn the TV off before you attempt. Lesson learned.

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