Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Socks of Love

Monday night I casted on a fresh pair of socks (more Jaywalkers!). I'm knitting these for Eric, which is kind of funny because there is a well-known hesitancy among knitters to knit something for your significant other because it could lead to the collapse of your entire relationship. (You worked really hard on it + he never wears it = he doesn't appreciate you.... and so on). Anyway, Eric was quite insistent that I make him these socks and I warned him that he'd have to wear them, so we'll see how it goes...

I'm knitting this pair on nickle plated needles instead of bamboo like all the other pairs. There is no particular reason for the switch, other than that I'm just a little bored with the bamboo needles and wanted a change of pace. I swatched it out because I was afraid I'd have a much tighter gauge on the metal needles but there was no difference.

So far I only have a few rows of the ribbing done and these look really big. I've never knit men's socks before so maybe they are really supposed to be that big? I'm going to have Eric try them on after I get a few more rows into it to make sure I'm on the right track. I already made one minor goof in that I used a long-tail cast on instead of a cable cast on, which I usually use for socks because it is a little stretchier. I considered starting over when I realized what I had done but, like I said, these look like they are running on the loose side so I'm not overly concerned about a tight cast on. Also, I might have to start over anyway if they are too big so I'm just going to let it ride for now. Hopefully I won't come to regret that decision down the road!

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